BURBANK STATION, an upper Midwest band based out of Fargo/Moorhead (1983-1991), charted Billboard top #100 on four separate occasions during the middle-late 1980's. Under the leadership of Jerry Jacobson, with CJ Craig Johnson and Don Roberts Formanek--Mid-America Music Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award as a radio personality and member of the band 'The Treasures.' Don Formanek wanted to play 6 nights a week and record records whereas the other original members wanted to play weekends only so they parted amicably.

He teamed with Bunny Davis. Thereafter, they recruited THE BEST players they ever heard: Brent Wilson, JD Beckman, John Ziepen, Richard Sickles, Rick Adams, Jim White and Zenith Apollo. Larry Morton produced all of their Nashville songs, who along with his wife Ann J. Morton, were most responsible for getting the records into the billboard charts. He brought in people like Buddy Emmons and Hargus Pig.

The name came from a former name of Moorhead-Burbank. The city was named after J.C. Burbank, owner of the J.C. Burbank Stagecoach line. Burbank station was their stagecoach terminal.